Erica Woodward

Moving senses is a godsend. It’s the only group that caters to my child’s needs with dedicated, caring staff who are supportive to both parents and children. The staff are kind, patient and fun and have great insight into managing specific and individual needs of children with additional needs. It is a place not only where my child is accepted and encouraged to engage in fun activities, but a place he is safe. School holidays can be really tough and our children struggle without the structured routine that school brings and so this can be a difficult time for both the child and the parent and so the opportunity for respite and fun is always greatly appreciated. Without Carmen and the moving senses team I would be totally lost and exhausted! At times having additional needs can leave a child very isolated and alone, the group means my child has friends and a place he will be accepted for being himself.

Suzanne Le Good

Moving Senses has been a godsend for Max and our family. Not only of a Sunday afternoon but also through the school holidays. We’ve noticed so much progress in Max since he started, he really loves coming here and my mind is at rest knowing he’s well looked after. Thankyou to all the staff

Elsa Preston

Absolutely amazing group my Maisie has been coming here and absolutely loves it and all the staff are amazing they genuinely care and love all the children, you’re a true blessing for families like mine giving us parents some respite that we desperately need, thankyou so much at moving senses- positive futures

Tracy Watkinson-Wood

Absolutely amazing group. They will go above and beyond to help your child. Such a fantastic and much needed resource for families of SEN kids.

Hannah Larkin

Moving senses has helped us so much as a family its given us time to spend with our other boys while Jack burns off some energy with all the other kids who go to group. Half term club has been amazing, I find it ridiculously hard to take Jack an his brother’s out over half term while his dads in work so having somewhere he can go and enjoy himself without me worrying is perfect for us. I phoned a few groups before moving senses an got no help whatsoever an that was only over the phone so I can’t imagine what there groups are like, Carmen an the team an moving senses couldn’t have been more welcoming to my Jack

Kezrella Johnson

Carmen & her moving senses team are amazing, my daughter absolutely loves this club, it’s fun & full of amazing things too do 🥰 can’t recommend enough.

Lauren Hill

Moving senses is amazing! For my little boy to keep asking to go back is most definitely a first! Everyone is so friendly and makes me feel happy to leave my little boy having fun and making new friends. 100% recommend! Xx

Lisa and Lynne Staunton-Jones

Wow what can I say about the amazing team behind moving senses, I think I’d need a lot more typing space for one plus I’d get cramp typing.

But seriously, this group and carmen behind it all have been an absolute godsend, miracle, life line for me and my wife. Mainly because our daughter who is an absolute blessing, who we love more than life itself has many additional needs and as a parent of a child with additional needs we value and appreciate time as a family but also as a couple. So this group has been able to not only bring us together more as a family, but as a married couple dating and spending quality time together. While our 6 year old daughter is happy, content, excited, and coming on leaps and bounds whilst going to this group for respite meeting lots of other children like her in a safe secure, LOVING, friendly environment. She gets so excited going and loves all the wonderful staff who work there. They all have a special bond and friendship with our daughter which is second to none and she doesn’t get this anywhere else. All the staff understand her and her needs she does so many activities there and is always coming home with something she’s made or already eaten hahah x(photos keep us all updates which I love love love to see as shows how happy and well loved and cared for she really is. Moving senses honesty really is a true blessing for us as a family there’s nothing like this in Liverpool. My only wish is that carmen and her team get truly recognised for all what they do and put in for our children. I wish I had a lottery win as Moving senses would be top of my list for a windfall. I have everything crossed for funding to be there windfall very soon.

We love you all moving senses keep fighting and going from strength to strength xxxxxx

Rebecca Murphy

This is an amazing club where my son can play, learn and socialise with other kids without fear of judgement. He loves attending moving senses where he gets to burn off some energy. Carmen and all the staff and volunteers are amazing ❤


I would highly recommend moving senses to anyone with children who have additional needs. staff are very knowledgeable, committed and caring, and make the children feel welcome. as a family we would be lost without this little bit of heaven xx

Leanne Edwards-Jones

My children attend and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this respite. The staff are amazing and totally understand my children’s needs.

Jo Webster

Moving Senses-Positive Futures has given my daughter the chance to socialise with her friends and be herself in a non-judgemental safe and nurturing environment x My daughter has complex additional needs including Autism with PDA and a learning delay and presents with challenging behaviours x Carmen and her fabulous team are amazing with her and all the children x Carmen has many many years experience and has a unique understanding of all the children who attend the respite club and other events x I couldn’t recommend Moving Senses-Positive Futures more highly x My daughter absolutely loves being part of their big family x

Stephanie Ruth Tomlinson

Fab fab fab Carmen and her team work tirelessly to support out Childrens and young people social emotional and behaviour to become more relaxed and friendly and experience new things make new friends and enjoy being themselves

Hayley & Peter Dooley

Carmen and The Moving Senses staff are an absolute godsend who we would be lost without, these amazing people go above and beyond not just for my three children but for all those who attend this fantastic provision. My three children absolutely love coming to Moving Senses, being able to be themselves safely without a judgemental eye, which is what we have found before we came to Moving Senses, We know without a doubt that we can relax having that much needed respite knowing that our children are safe and happy. We cannot thank carmen and all the staff for all that they do!!! Just diamonds